Bosu Ball

03 February 2021

Do you need some extra motivation in your workouts?  

Sometimes it’s nice to have a variety of equipment at home to give you that extra challenge and motivation and I find the Bosu ball is a great product for home; not only that, it’s inexpensive, but it doesn’t take up too much room and you can do so much with it. In my experience, the Bosu ball challenges the mind and body at the same time. It has two sides that you can use, the domed side and the flat side which gives a great range of Bosu ball exercises that you can perform. 

For example, the Bosu ball dome side up, can help give your back extra support whilst performing abdominal exercises. Using it with the flat side on top you can perform a simple exercise like a squat and it will make your muscles work so much harder to stabilize. Any simple exercise you are doing, like a squat, lunge, or plank will be that little bit extra challenging on the Bosu. You could also add weights like dumbbells or a kettlebell, which will add even more of a challenge to your muscles, as you will be attempting to stabilize whilst taking the weight through the full range and this will really make the workout fun.  

My Opinion

bosu ball

I personally love giving my clients Bosu ball exercises and they really enjoy them as the workout goes so fast and they find it fun. That’s because it also gets your brain working and focused on what you are doing and trying to achieve. And the fun part is that you can do really interesting cardio exercises using the dome side up and have a lot of bounce, without putting strain on your joints especially your knees. It’s also great for rehabilitation and working on those imbalances in the body.

For example, performing a squat with the flat side up, the challenge would be -can you keep the Bosu ball flat? Are you using one leg more than the other? Or for ankle or knee rehabilitation trying to strengthen the muscle around the injury in the correct alignment without too much pressure on the affected area. You will improve your core, knee, and ankle stability as your body works hard to stabilize. Trying to perform a balancing exercise on the Bosu whilst keeping good alignment, you will literally feel muscles you have never felt before.  

Top benefits to having a Bosu ball at home. 

  • Space-saving and perfect for home gym 
  • Inexpensive  
  • It will increase the difficulty on simple exercises 
  • Improve your core, knee, and ankle stability 
  • Strengthening 
  • Helps improve balance which in return will improve muscle and nerve coordination  
  • Rehabilitations  
  • The Bosu ball can be used on both sides which gives you a wide range of exercises that you can perform, so you will never get bored. 
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