Best Massage Guns

29 November 2021

Massage guns are portable devices that can be used to affect any muscle area. They can help with general muscle pain, and people often use them after training to recover.

What exactly is a massage gun?

As the name suggests, a massage pistol is similar to a «pistol» designed to relieve tension in muscles and improve blood flow.

Recently it has been proven that it is one of the best massage machines, restoring and even improving muscle functionality.

The machine gun can be used by almost all people in pain, especially muscle.

Advantages of massage guns

It relieves depression and relaxes the body, relieving pressure and fluid deep in the muscles to exceed the metabolism of the tissues.

Increases blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles.

How do they work?

Massage gun uses percussion therapy, which is like vibration therapy. They oscillate back and forth, exerting pressure on the tense muscle tissue. At the same time, they can remove fluid accumulations and voltage in this area.

Best massage.

There are two main types of massage: hand massage or machine massage. While both are effective, machine massage has been confirmed to be more effective. That’s why a lot of athletes are using it today. You get the benefits of ease of use, faster recovery time, user privacy protection, etc. One of the many machines used for massage is a massage gun.

Health benefits

Some of the advantages of a massage gun may include:

1. Relaxation of muscles and tissues

2. Temporary relief

3. Increased blood flow and circulation

4. Increased flexibility and performance

How to use a massage gun?

You can use a massage gun whenever you want to relieve muscle tension, but it is most often used before and after training. The use of a massage gun can reduce pain or stiffness from the day or day training to training and activate muscles before training.

To use the gun impressively, find an area on your body that feels tense, and start by moving the gun for the most part muscle. I recommend using the ball-shaped attachment, as you can massage around the muscle easier using all sides of the ball.

Stay in one place for up to 15 seconds or sweep the place for two minutes. Some guns even have a monitor connected to the app to indicate how difficult and how long to massage the area.

Stay away from the bone patches. And if you have an injury, consult a physical therapist before using a massage gun. I recommend avoiding any areas of acute pain or injury that may aggravate the problem.

If you feel pain after using a massage gun, you’ve pushed too hard.

What are the risks?

If misused, a massage gun can injure the body. For example, they can cause rupture of blood vessels, the sensitivity of nerves, or damage to muscle fibers.

A person may take measures to reduce the likelihood of harm occurring.

This includes:

.Starting with the massage gun on slow adjustment

.Take special care in bone regions

.Avoiding nerves and blood vessels, especially in the neck area

.Do not excessively massage any body region

.Take special care in stretched muscles and torn ligaments

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